Your son or daughter may have the opportunity to have his/her photo taken, video image and voice recorded, and/or art and written work published in connection with a dollar for scholars' activity or program. Your child's photo (image), work and/or name may be published in local newspapers, posted (displayed) on North Syracuse Dollars for scholars' Internet site, or used by the requesting organization (local TV or print media) for their programming, i.e., backup and their news stories.

If you DO NOT want your child's picture, name or work to be used in newspaper articles, video, and/or publications, including our North Syracuse
     Dollars for Scholars' website, please inform us in writing at: 

     North Syracuse Dollars for Scholars
     PO Box 5205
     Syracuse, New York 13220-5205

Please know that North Syracuse Dollars for Scholars does not require references
 or financial information. However, if you want to be eligible for other scholarships
through the National Dollars for Scholars which may  require this information you might
to fill that section out on your profile. 

How Are Scholarships Granted?

The North Syracuse Dollars for Scholars Selection Committee has a blind application method that is both non-discriminatory and objective, and follows the guidelines set by the National Dollars for Scholars.  Students' scholarship applications are assigned a number, and identifying information is removed.  Applicants are given a point score based on a number of criteria, including academic standing, extra-curricular activities and employment, goal statement, family hardship, volunteer activity and community involvement.  Depending on the criteria of each scholarship, recipients can range from C students to honor students.


What is the Scholarship Amount?

Scholarships range from $500 -$1000+, depending on the donation amount determined by the scholarship's sponsor.  The majority of the scholarships fall in the $500 range.  Matching funds are available from many colleges and universities. Visit the national website at for a complete listing of participating schools.

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